Cunha: “Everyone has their story and I want to write mine with Atleti”

Matheus Cunha has left his first words as a new player of the Athletics, in which the illusion of being in the team of ‘Cholo‘and his humility to want to learn and leave his mark on the rojiblanco club. The Brazilian takes on the challenge of playing in a big league in Europe and competing for a place with a forward made up of players like Luis Suarez, strap, Joao Felix.

Being in the Atleti is an inexplicable feeling. It is a club that I have followed since I was very young. Being here now leaves me speechless. I am very proud and very happy with the way people have received me. I want to return that recognition as quickly as possible “, explained the forward in the interview that the club has carried out.

Atleti as a club

“I see the Athletics as one of the leading clubs in the world. It was always in my head to play at the highest level possible and being here is what I want to do. I want to get to know my colleagues as quickly as possible. It is an immense quality that we have. I’m very happy and I want to be close to the players and the fans to feel what he really is Athletics“.

Fan welcome

“The reception I have had, not only from fans but of the whole Athletics it has been incredible. They have been very kind to me. I just want to help the team and I want it to be certain that both on and off the court I will be 100% involved with the team“.


Philip he told me a little about Madrid and from Athletics. I played a city derby with him when we were little, we’ve always been against it. He and I gave it They are cracks and I want to be ready as quickly as possible to join the group. “

What it means to be a Simeone player

“All players have that anxiety of wanting to meet their coach and with Diego I have even more for who he is, for the name he has and for the players he has had. Has made history and that’s the way it is, I want to get to know him as soon as possible and understand him so that I can do well on the field. “

Main challenge at Atlético de Madrid

“Everyone has their story and I want to write mine, with great success like all the Brazilians who were here. I want my name to be remembered by the fans. Aupa Atleti!

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