De Paul shines with Argentina while waiting for Atlético

PThere is a fact that Rodrigo de Paul He will end up being a rojiblanco player this coming summer. For now, while that happens, the Argentine midfielder It has become indisputable in its selection adding four full minutes in the four games that the albiceleste has played this June. Since he will concentrate with the national team, Sarandí has ​​earned a place in Scaloni’s eleven that has not hesitated to hand over the controls of the ship.

If during this week from Italy there was talk of a closed agreement, from Madrid, tranquility was requested. The signing is on track but remains pending that the rojiblancos have the necessary liquidity to undertake the operation. While, Rodrigo keep shining with Argentina thus reaffirming in the Atlético offices that his possible signing would be a great success for the rojiblanco club.

From the shortlist of midfielders he manages Scaloni, the one of Udinese is the only one who has completed the four encounters disputed (except for the last three minutes against Uruguay in last night’s duel). Paredes and Lo Celso They seem to be the ones called by the coach to form midfield with Rodrigo with the possible entry of Guido Rodríguez as an alternative. For now, Argentina’s ‘7’ is shining above the rest.

The rojiblanco interest is not new, a few months ago in an interview with BRAND, Rodrigo spoke of the matter like this: “The reality is that I know that the interest of the Atlético de Madrid, with a coach, like Cholo, who draws my attention a lot. I think they do a dynamic football that I like. “It seems that at last, the paths of both can meet. Rodrigo is clear that the time has come to change of scene, as he acknowledged a few days ago in an interview in The Guardian: “I have been very sincere and clear with those who should be sincere and clear. I have told them what I think and what I want. I am 27 years old. I am not going to speak about anything else because I respect everyone, especially the fans from Udinese who have shown me their love “.

Simeone He hopes that one of the summer operations that would provide the Atletico midfield with a footballer capable of playing in any of the three positions they have handled this season will be closed. Midfielder or in the two interiors.

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