Denizli Basket is loaded with pride in the basket


Having won the 14th consecutive win in the Turkish Basketball League (TBL) by beating Nadir Gold Istanbul Basket 87-63 at home and securing the championship one week before the end, Merkezefendi Municipality Denizli Basket, with the right of its ankle, was not admitted to the ING Basketball Super League at the beginning of the season. the joy of rising lives.

Denizli representative, who ranked 3rd in TBL when the leagues stopped with the coronavirus epidemic last year and the white season was announced in basketball, applied to the Basketball Federation before the new season after the leader Petkimspor was taken to the Super League. Merkezefendi, who was brought to the Super League instead of Bandırma Basketball, who could not fulfill the criteria, remained in TBL when he could not fulfill the letter of guarantee requirement in the short time remaining for participation.

The Basketball Federation, which opened an additional application process to the Denizli representative who carried the process to the Arbitration Committee, despite the positive news from the board, took Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor, who ranked 2nd in TBL, to the Super League, instead of Merkezefendi when the leagues were stopped. Denizli, which did not give up its Super League dream, started the season badly in TBL and completed the first half outside the Play-Off line, and then reached its goal with the contribution of Chauncey Collins, Hakan Yapar and Serkan Menteşe, who joined the team under the management of Coach Zafer Aktaş. Merkezefendi will be the first club to represent Denizli in the history of ING Basketball Super League in the new season.


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