Dimitris Itoudis: a huge success against a great club like Fenerbahçe

Dimitris Itoudis evaluated the game in CSKA Moscow, which eliminated Fenerbahçe and got its name in the final of 4.

Itoudis’s end-of-match statements are as follows:

“I congratulate my team on this success. I also congratulate Fenerbahçe, they fought us in the best way possible. It’s been a great and challenging series. Having a rival like Fenerbahçe makes victory even sweeter. Great club, great players, great coaches… They also had problems we had. We are still struggling with the consequences of our decision. But I am proud of my team and organization. I am especially proud of my first-time Final Four players. There are six players if I am not mistaken. I am also proud of my players who know the meaning of team sport and continue to believe in it.

I think we have never lost our faith and concentration in the values ​​we represent and our team identity, even though we sometimes get stuck against the wall against a great opponent like Fenerbahçe. We are back and we did very well in the first quarter. I think we played very dominant in the next two quarters. We shot well. We made good space. We tried to evaluate reverse matches against different fives of our opponent. During the match, our opinion was clear and we shot well.

Playing for the first time at this level, Iffe Lundberg made a great character. That’s what it’s like to have actors with that character. Daniel Hackett played brilliantly in this series. Semen Antonov and Johannes Voigtmann also provided great contributions and solutions. Will Clyburn, Toko Shengelia did a great job. Darrun Hilliard, although not that good in the first two games, he came out in the third game and showed such a performance, and your creators are like this… I am very proud. I am proud of the whole team, the management. This is a huge success. We played against a great club. I hope we stay healthy and continue to fight. Because fighting and fighting are different things. Fighting is expected, but every workout, every time, is different. Congratulations to all of my players for their faith and trust. (Eurohoops)

Our first goal was to be among the top eight teams. Our second goal was to take home owner advantage if possible. Our third goal was the playoffs. Our fourth goal is the Final Four. If possible, our fifth goal is the championship. This is our opinion. “

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