Dituro and Galán are the Celts who are saved at the start

ANDn the poor level offered by Celta at the start of the season, there are green shoots and they come mainly through new incorporations. Matías Dituro and Javi Galán are, most likely, the only Celts who have been at a remarkable level.

Dituro returned to Vigo 10 years after having played in the subsidiaryHe subsequently went through various teams and countries and played successfully in Chile. He has taken ownership of the goal, putting Rubén Blanco on the bench. The Argentine is the main architect of the only added point, to date. In Pamplona he stopped a penalty, rHe made interventions of great merit and was the MVP of the day. In the three matches played he has fitted the same number of goals.

Meanwhile, Javi Galán has offered great regularity. The left back, who was already one of the best in his position in the last championship, He has adapted very quickly to Celta and is already the owner of the left-handed profile of the rear. The starter in the three games played has played 269 minutes, or what is the same all but one.

Meanwhile, the other additions they have had little prominence. Without obviously counting the return of Murillo, which occurred just a few days ago, Cervi has participated in the last thirty minutes of each game, always replacing Nolito and being below the level expected of the Argentine and Galhardo barely had ten minutes against Athletic, when he had only had two training sessions.

And the rest of the staff, that eighty percent are still players who were already part of the eleven last season and repeat in the present, have started the championship with a level significantly lower than just four months ago. Of its improvement a large part will depend on the performance offered by the team in the next few days, starting with the meeting this Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu.

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