Duygu Özaslan accepted the marriage proposal of Can Maxim Mutaf

Basketball player Can Maxim Mutaf and social media phenomenon lover Duygu Özaslan decided to get married. Can Mutaf, who took his lover to dinner on their anniversary, shocked Özaslan with a surprise marriage proposal. Özaslan, who accepted the marriage proposal, announced the good news with the words “I said yes”. Expressing their love for each other at every opportunity, the couple shared special photos from the night with their fans.

YouTuber Duygu Özaslan and basketball player Can Maxim Mutaf couple, who have been in love for a while, decided to enter the world house. Mutaf, who took Özaslan to dinner on their anniversary, surprised her lover with a surprise marriage proposal. Özaslan, 30, did not neglect to show his solitaire to the lenses afterwards. “Happiness” comments rained from the couple’s followers.


Özaslan’s post received thousands of likes and comments in a short time. On the other hand, the issue became one of the most talked about on Twitter. Users made many evaluations about Özaslan’s marriage proposal.


Social media phenomenon Duygu Özaslan described how she met her basketball player lover Can Maxim Mutaf on her YouTube channel as follows: “We met through an arranged meeting. A mutual friend said, ‘There is someone, he likes you very much.’ I said. Then he texted me one evening. The next day we met and became lovers.”

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