El Rayo, outraged with the losses and the attitude of Girona

LPromotion playoffs always have extra tension. It is common to see tanganas and discussions between footballers, and the Ray – Girona it was no less. However, there is something that has not sat very well within the franjirroja entity: the losses of time of those of Francisco.

Girona has studied Bilardo’s manual … they had a rub on the shoulder and they went to the ground, they played very little, they cut our rhythm, it was a very disrespectful attitude

Martín Presa, president of Rayo

The Catalans knew how to hold out after a first half where the locals were much superior and, after taking the lead in the second half, they managed to get football to be played rather little, something that all teams usually do in those circumstances. Despite this, as MARCA has learned, in the Lightning they consider that certain limits were exceeded.

Arnau falls to the ground with a blow before Isi's protest
Arnau remains on the ground with a blow before Isi’s protestJOSU MONDELO

In fact, the president of the Rayo Vallecano, Raúl Martín Presa, assured in the transistor that disrespect had been brushed off: “It was a weird game, a complicated game, the Girona players have gone to the ground at all times … they were collapsing. But hey, this is football. “

“Today the Girona has studied the manual of Bilardo. They had a rub on the shoulder and they went to the ground. They have played very little, they have cut our rhythm, it has been a very disrespectful attitude. Sometimes they are serious issues, as we saw yesterday with Eriksen. These are not attitudes that should be produced“he added.

Another moment of discussion between players from both teams at halftime
Another moment of discussion between players from both teams at halftimeEFE

Far from staying there, during the game Two tanganas could be seen at the end of each of the parts with protests (A goal was disallowed for each team through the VAR) and that finally they did not reach more. According Dam, this is due to the “way of acting of the Girona“and sure that, during the regular league game in Vallecas, the substitutes of the Catalans “insulted the box of the Lightning“.

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