Embarba apologizes: “I was wrong with the reaction after the change”

Embarba wanted to stop the controversy generated as a result of his reaction when he was substituted against him. Majorca. The Madrilenian denied the greeting to the coach. This Saturday morning, the winger acknowledged his mistake and explained that he had already apologized to the coach and his teammates.

“I was wrong with the reaction after the change yesterday and I have no problem recognizing it and showing my face. I have already done it with the coach and with my teammates, so I only have to admit my mistake to you, the fans, who are very important for us, “he wrote through social networks.

There is no excuse


“Things can turn out better or worse but if I characterize myself for something, it is because I always give my all and I want to help until the end, especially if things turn out badly as happened yesterday … but that is no excuse”; has argued. Embarba ends the text by ensuring that everyone wants the best for the team and recognizing that together they are better.

The extreme has wanted to settle the controversy, although the technician already took iron last night to the matter in the press conference after the meeting in Majorca.

It should be remembered that Embarba It was the first change of the night, in the 55th minute, and that the player did not feel well at all and denied the coach the greeting. In addition, he stayed for a few minutes outside the bench of the Spanish and he looked very upset. After the initial anger, he sat next to Vadillo.

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