Raúl García surpasses Messi in the top of players with the most games in LaLiga

Raúl García plays his 521st LaLiga match at Balaídos this afternoon. The Navarrese aspires to enter the top5 this season of footballers with more games played in the championship. The rojiblanco has surpassed Leo Messi in the standings and is the second active player with the most games in LaLiga history. The only one that precedes him is Joaquín (Betis) who is second with 60 more matches than the Zizur footballer.

The 521 match of Raúl García makes 204 in LaLiga since he signed for Athletic, that it is on the way to becoming the club in which it has played the most times in the championship. In addition to Athletic (204), the Navarro accumulates 216 games with Atlético and 101 in Osasuna, with which he debuted in the First Division and played in two different stages of his career.

The duel of Balaídos It is also an advance for Iñaki Williams, who is in a position to reach the leadership of footballers who have participated in more consecutive games in the championship. The forward already has 198 games and to see an Athletic match without Williams among the contenders, one must go back to April 17, 2016. The record is held by Juanan Larrañaga, who reached 202 games with Real Sociedad.


  1. Andoni Zubizarreta 622
  2. Joaquin Sanchez 581
  3. Raul Gonzalez 550
  4. Eusebio Sacristan 543
  5. Paco Buyo 542
  6. Manolo Sanchís 523
  7. Raul Garcia 521


  1. Juanan Larrañaga 202
  2. Iñaki Williams 198
  3. Luis Miguel Arconada 188
  4. Andoni Zubizarreta 184
  5. Di Stefano 171
  6. Juan Antonio Ipiña 165

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