Emery: “It has been very difficult not to deviate from the game because of the decisions of Medié Jiménez”


The submarine technician regrets the referee’s attitude and considers that it conditioned the game

Unai Emery remained calm in the press room, despite the defeat already decisions controversies of the referee Medié Jiménez during the match. The Villarreal coach acknowledged that an analysis of the match could not be made without resorting to the referee’s decisions: ” which is highly conditioned by the controversy of the referee. His goal comes after a lack of them that the referee does not correct even though the VAR calls him. Then comes the penalty play, which is a clash between two players and seeing the images … They speak for themselves. We did not want to deviate from the game, but it was very difficult due to the decisions of Medié Jiménez. When we were able to play both teams without referee interference, it was a very close and beautiful match “.

Do you think the referee ‘loaded’ the game?

“The protagonists have to be the players, it can’t be that if the VAR calls you to judge very important decisions … Always keep your decision. The referee has frustrated us a lot.”

Consequences of players sanctioned for next days

“That they have sent us off two players who were in the stands deserves that we do self-criticism, it is true. We have to maintain emotional balance to be intelligent.”

Another stumble in the classification

“It was an important game for both, now they have options because they have cut us points. We were very psyched because we knew it was a very important game.”

What was the plan at break, what was the talk?

“We wanted to score a goal early to enter the game, but his fourth goal has been a mental blow to us, and we have also missed clear chances to cut differences.”

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