Ender Arslan: I tried to do my job seriously and in the right way.

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Ender Arslan, who ended his active basketball life at the age of 38, said that he left beautiful marks in his career. Stating that he is always focused on the target and doing his job seriously, Arslan said, “I have always strived to do the best by focusing on my job. “It has come back as a good career,”

Ender Arslan, who played the last game of his career in the fight between Frutti Extra Bursaspor and OGM Ormanspor in the last week of the season in ING Basketball Super League, said goodbye to his active basketball career.

The 10 numbered jersey of the experienced player, who has served Turkish basketball for many years and has achieved many successes under the national form, was hung in the Barış Sports Hall where the Bursa team trained and the Nilüfer TOFAŞ Sports Hall where the matches played.

He could not master his tears

Team captain Arslan was given a plaque by Club President Sezer Sezgin and thanked him for his services until today. General Manager Nedim Yücel also gifted the signed jersey of the team. Ender Arslan, who had emotional moments, and the technical delegation could not control his tears. Arslan, who was applauded by the technical delegation, actors and managers, thanked him for their show of affection.


Ender Arslan, who made special statements to Demirören News Agency (DHA) after the end of his active basketball career, stated that he aimed to be in basketball in the next period and that he wanted to continue his way as a coach.

Stating that it was an emotionally difficult day for him, Arslan said, “I thank my club once again, they honored me by hanging my jersey in the halls. By coming to Bursaspor, I saw once again what an accurate decision I made. Indeed, they gave me great value. It was also very nice to end my career with the win. It was a long career, I am very lucky that I had good things ”.


Speaking about his future career, Arslan stated that he had a great vacation plan first and then wanted to work as a coach.

Arslan, who has many successes both at the level of clubs and national teams in his career, emphasized that his hard work was effective in these successes. Arslan said, “I am always focused on my goal. Fortunately, I started my career in a top-tier team. I tried to get a place there, then I always tried to stay there. I’ve always done my job seriously, I’ve worked hard. My family has been very supportive. I have always focused on my job and tried to do it in the right way. Until my last training yesterday, until my last game today, I took my job seriously in a disciplined manner. This is back as a good career, ”he said.


Arslan, who said goodbye to his active basketball career with Frutti Extra Bursaspor jersey, said the following regarding his decision;

“I made a very good decision. I’ve been seeing this for 2 years already, but I’ve seen it once again today. It is good that I came to this club, met very nice people. More than a club, it’s like a family. Last year we had a great atmosphere with our fans, this year was not good, but I can say that Bursaspor has a clear front. It comes with a very beautiful vision. I hope the next years will be much more successful than this. It is a very nice feeling to be the captain of the club for the first season in the Super League for myself. He took his crawling steps with the years we were, and will run towards bigger goals from now on. “


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