Enrich maintains the illusion of Eibar


His goal seven minutes before the end of the game against Betis allows Mendilibar’s men to maintain a thread of hope with permanence

ANDl point added before the Betis it may be insufficient for the Eibar achieve permanence. Or not. You know. What is clear is that the gunsmith team is going to play its cards until the end and if it finally ends up descending, it cannot be blamed for not having tried. Because no matter how much adversity he finds on the road, he continues, fighting and leaving his skin in each play. And that is what will allow him to face the last week of the championship with options to achieve a permanence that two weeks ago was practically impossible.

The pride of a people that wants to remain from First. An illusion that they will not take away until mathematics says otherwise. The reading is that those of Beg they are one point further from salvation than before the journey began. The Huesca marks the permanence with the 33 points that it has. The descent is hot and anyone can get burned. The Eibar He has been feeling the heat of the flames on his back for a long time. But he still has hopes of getting out of the hole.

The fire extinguisher happens to win the Valencia and to Barcelona. The ché team does not play anything and it is very possible that the Koeman I reached the last day in Ipurua without any chance to fight for the league title. There is still life. Draw against Betis did not enter into the plans of the Eibar before the game started, but I’m sure many will consider it good after seeing the script of a match that soon went uphill with a goal from Saved.

Great reaction after the break

Defeat sentenced those of Beg, who needed to assimilate the blow during a first half in which they hardly generated danger on the goal of Claudio Bravo. The miracle was beginning to recede and the armory options were fading. But Eibar he sold his defeat very dearly in a second part in which he dignified the shield and ended up finding the reward. Enrich tied with less than ten minutes to go after taking advantage of an excellent serve from the right of Róber Correa.

And the Eibar he believed again. As he did ten days ago after beating the Alaves. The gunsmiths turned in search of a second goal that did not arrive. The final feeling was that a point had been scored. It may be too little loot for the extreme need of the Eibar. But gunsmiths keep dreaming. And everything happens to win in Valencia and play all his cards on the last day against him Barcelona. Very difficult. But it was even more so two weeks ago. To this Eibar They are going to have to knock him out to get him out of the ring.

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