Erdem Can: We have a stance and weight

Fenerbahçe Beko Assistant Coach Erdem Can spoke to Fenerbahçe TV after the CSKA Moscow match.

Erdem Can’s end-of-match statements are as follows:

We are sorry because we struggled importantly in the most part of the match. All the children were very concentrated. We came here by overcoming a very important ups and downs, and we know that no matter what happens today, all our players have this potential, we thought that if we stay together in the field, if we apply the defense and attack system correctly, we can bring the match to the end, but in the end, we made simple mistakes. partly because our rotation was not deep… When a little tiredness was effective at the end .. We were very focused on not giving offensive rebounds. Unfortunately, we left with an unwanted result. We fought well here, but the play-off is a game of results. As Fenerbahçe, we are unhappy as long as we do not get results because we are an organization with the above goals. Can we do better? We can.

We are a team, especially coach Igor Kokoskov. We are always in contact. That he is not here does not change his efforts on this team in any way. So if we are going to do something here as a team, unless there are actors who give that energy like Jan, Jarell, Bobby or Yigit who are not here, of course we are missing here. Children concentrate, of course there is a halay disappointment. They will rest tonight, we will work overtime, we will get ready. Play-off results time. Play as well as you want, your name will not be written on that sign unless you get results.

In the second game, we need to refocus, look at our mistakes and mistakes, talk to our players technically and mentally, and prepare for the aspects where we need to correct. There will be a tough fight in the second match. Both our competitor and we weighed what each other prepared. We will see the next process. We, as the Fenerbahçe organization, have our weight and stance in the EuroLeague. That stance requires this: If I say that this player will not play as the current coach in this team, if you hear from me officially, this player will not play. When I tell you one day that this player cannot officially go on the field, then this player will come to the field and you will not see the situation in Fenerbahçe stance.

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