Gorosabel: “Winning a title with Real would be the greatest thing”

The youth squad dreams of proclaiming himself Cup champion after having passed through all the training categories and playing on loan in Third and Second B

TOndoni Gorosabel dreams of living this Saturday the biggest day of his sports career as a Real player and his love of football as a Gipuzkoan, winning the final of the Copa del Rey. The one from Arrasate had to play in his day in the Third Division and being a Cup champion would be the most valuable prize at the sacrifice.

Question. It was hard, but the final is here.

Answer. The truth is that I am really looking forward to the time of the game, after a whole year waiting. He has had to go game by game, not looking beyond every Sunday, but he is already here and we are really looking forward to it. Nervous? I don’t feel that way, it is true that it is a very important game, but I am not too restless.

Q. You came to this momentous match after winning all seven qualifying matches. Going for the eighth win and honors, right?

R. The truth is that we did a competition of 10, we transmitted very good feelings, everything turned out for us and we reached the final. Let’s see if we can complete it in the best way.

The night of 3-4 at the Bernabéu is indelible, but I hope that the one in Seville will be even more so

P. You played four games, important, including the Bernabéu, with that 3-4.

R. For me the Cup was an opportunity to have minutes, I played a few games, including that of the Bernabéu, where you don’t win every year, and it is a result and a day that we will always remember, but there is one more day important and we are going to see if the night of Seville is more indelible than that of Madrid.

Q. How do you get to the key day?

R. I think we arrived quite well, very hungry and excited, after waiting a long time for this appointment. We have recovered important players, almost all of us will be there, and I think that will make us arrive prepared. This team has a lot of ambition, it is what has led us to play this final, to be in Europe, to fight again to be among the top six.

I remember that in Tercera, in Balmaseda or Zalla, they made us have a hard time. This is a prize

P. And Andoni Gorosabel, how does he get there? Because it has been a season with many physical problems, you had one that took you off for a month …

R. I feel very well. It is true that the injury came at a great time, and that it was difficult for me to catch the rhythm when I returned, but now I feel very good for this final and the rest of the season. It is clear that I would like to play the final, but Zaldua has recovered and we are going to see who Imanol is betting on.

Q. What does it mean for you to play this final, after having gone through Third and Second B, before making the jump to First?

A. In the end, everyone’s careers are not the same. It was my turn to go step by step, to be on loan in those categories, to play in Balmaseda, Zamudio, Zalla, fields in which they made you have a hard time, and I am very satisfied with that. It is clear that it will be the most important game of my career, a reward for everything that has happened, and we hope it will be even more so, winning it.

Q. Being from Gipuzkoa and from La Real, you could almost retire already very comfortable.

R. Winning a title with Real would be the greatest thing in my career, something historic, I have not experienced anything like it and I have already seen that reaching a final is very, very difficult.

We have to compete like Athletic and then decide the game in our favor with our game

Q. What kind of match do you expect?

R. A very difficult game, as are all the finals, a close game, in which the small details will mark, and we hope that we are right in them. We will have to be very fine in everything, especially in the areas, which is where goals are scored and avoided.

Q. What would you highlight about Athletic?

R. Well, it is a super competitive team, more in a final. They have won the Super Cup, they have reached the final of this year’s Cup, they have achieved results that have given them morale, I am sure they will be a very difficult and dangerous rival, but we hope to make a front for them in competing, in putting intensity, and then that our style of play can tip the balance in our favor.

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