Herrerín: “I have nothing closed, but since the farewell to Real Madrid several teams have called”

The goalkeeper, who lives his last days at the club, acknowledges that “it has been a tough year in which there have been more things than can be known”

ANDThis week will be Herrerín’s last as a member of the Athletic squad. The goalkeeper already knowsHe will return to Lezama to visit because this summer he will start his way at another club. “It has been a tough year and the worst to look for a way out. There have been more things than can be known. In summer the club was clear that I was not going to continue here and in winter I spoke and they knew that if there was something interesting I would accept it, but I was not going to take the first thing that came to me. I have worked and trained to help if the coach needed me, “he said. The goalkeeper pointed out that” I have nothing closed. After the game with Real Madrid and my farewell, several teams called me. Now I will have to sit down to see what excites me and to be able to be happy in another place “.

Athletic has been my life and the club I have wanted to play for since I was little. I would not change it for anything

Herrerín (33 years old) ends eight seasons at Athletic and 119 games. “I’ll take everything. From the day of the premiere in San Mamés to the day of my debut as a local, which was in Anoeta, to the teammates I have, to the Cup final …Feeling loved in a locker room and that everyone recognizes you, whether you play or not is what I’m going to be calm with home, “he explained.

The goalkeeper, who has had experiences on loan in Numancia and Leganés and he also had a stint for Atlético’s second team, he stressed that “Athletic has been my life and the club I’ve wanted to play for since I was a child. For four madmen, I cannot blame a whole hobby, who have treated me very well and we must be grateful. Athletic, the fans, its players and the club is the greatest thing I have had so far. I have enjoyed matches in Europe, matches with San Mamés full, a Cup final … and I would not change it for anything. “

Goodbye road in the entity, Herrerín reviewed his competition with Iraizoz, Kepa or Simón. It is clear that the competition is going. “Iraizoz’s best seasons were behind me; Kepa’s best too, with Simón the same thing happened last year. I hesitate to Kepa and Unai (Simón) and tell them that I squeeze them and take them to the national team“he commented.

The goal of San Mamés weighs down and I feel terrible about the destructive criticism towards Unai

And yese stopped in Simon’s season, which has had more errors than the previous one and has raised doubts about the performance of the current starting goalkeeper of the selection. Herrerín stands next to Murgia’s. “Unai (Simón) seems to me to be a spectacular goalkeeper. Last year he did it at a very high level and when you don’t do it as well, the criticism begins. The goal of San Mamés weighs and I feel terrible about the destructive criticism towards Unai. You have to support him because he will return to his best level and I know he will show it“.

The epitaph to his career at Athletic It has come to him after several months without minutes, although he insisted that during all this time he has felt the recognition. And he advances that he is eager to show that he has a career ahead of him. “I’ve had everything. When you play you always feel more valued, but from a while ago here I have felt loved and quite valued. I have had words of thanks from many colleagues and something good I will have done, is what I keep.I want to give as a gift. I have never had a feeling of neglect. I am looking forward to starting from scratch in another place and to show again the desire to compete that I have. My desire to compete is what has led me to be what I am and I want to compete from you to you with whoever“, he stressed.

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