Loren: “I’m not looking forward to going out, but you always have to look for the best for each one”


The Marbella forward analyzes on Radio MARCA Sevilla the season of his team and his personal situation facing the summer market

Loren Moron, Marbella forward of the Betis, has been the protagonist this noon in the microphones of Radio MARCA Sevilla where, in addition to analyzing the great season of his team, he hopes to certify his access to the Europa League Saturday in Bullets, has not taken the tongue to talk about his performance at a particular level, far from expectations and which possibly places him among the candidates to leave the club this summer.

His celebration in the last goal of the Panda

“Yes, especially because of the situation in which it was the goal, it was a super important game for all of us and it was a bit complicated for us. And also for Borja, because as a forward I know what he has suffered all these years. As a friend, and for the team, I’m really happy about everything. “

Would it be a disappointment not to enter the Europa League?

“Yes, especially because now it depends on us and we have it quite well to be in the Europa League. Finishing fifth or sixth is our goal right now and since Europe’s goal has already been achieved, we don’t want to be seventh.”

How do you explain the team change?

“I think this season is best defined by saying Real Betis Balompié. We started in a way that I think everyone would sign to enter Europe and we are ending with the ambition of finishing fifth. We know that if the public had been as we started, we could having come in handy to wake up earlier because if there is one thing the fans are characterized by, it is by being demanding. A roller coaster all season and this year we have only lost two games and we have closed the goal of Europe a day earlier. And now, to finish it off on Saturday. “

The reaction that the public would have had at the beginning of the course

“It depends on the type of player or the type of person it can affect you for the better to wake up or for the worse because it is a lot of pressure. But in the team, the one with the most and the one with the least already has a fairly experienced career, and if there are no teammates that help you in that sense. We all would have liked the field to be full, but it hasn’t happened and we can’t regret it because we can close the goal that we all wanted. “

Defensive improvement in the second round

“The key was as a result of Osasuna’s game at El Sadar. We came from a bad streak, we had many casualties due to injuries and covid, we had four cats available, and in that game we all made a point of reflection and we were able to take it out showing courage and claw From there it was the turning point saying ‘hey, we are Betis and we have a lot of quality, but if there are tough games we are also going to fight and win.’ That was the turning point to be more serious, focus on 100% and the change has been brutal. “

A lot of quality above

“Obviously, we still have many things to correct for Saturday and especially next year, because if this year has been demanding, the one that comes with Europe will be more demanding. We must correct small nuances so that a game that we have under control does not We go because of our mistakes, but we have improved a lot defensively, and not only in the defense line but also counting on the fact that the first defenders are the forwards “.

Less performance in attack in the final section

“I think it is a bit of both, mental and physical. In attack we have lacked from my point of view to choose the last options and the last pass well, and above all to feed more to the forwards, which is true that we have players category, it has been two or three years that we have high-class midfielders such as Canales, Fekir or Lo Celso, there is a lot of quality there, and maybe that’s what it is. The team is working on it, but we must not give up the forwards and it is one of the nuances that we have to correct. I have no doubt that we will do it for next year. “

On a personal level, it is a season that I hope to forget soon because they are situations that footballers do not like.

Loren Morón, Betis player

How the season is on a personal level

“Since I’ve been in the first team, I had a year that was bad for me, but if you compare it with this, it’s great. In the end, it’s the learning that you take with you, situations that the footballer doesn’t like. But I’m one of the team. My situation is this, but like the Betis season, they are roller coasters, one day I hate you and another I love you. In that I am cured of fear, but it is a season that I hope to forget soon because they are situations that footballers do not like. But I have to thank all the teammates for the love and support they are giving me. And to many fans, this year I have noticed everyone’s warmth a lot, which I also miss “.

Weighed down by the start of the season

“These are things that weigh you down at the beginning of the season. I am the first to demand of myself and the first to know when it has failed and when it has not. That at the beginning of the season weighs on you, but then no longer. They are different reasons and a footballer has to be prepared for that. The only thing I can do is work on what fits in me and forget about other situations, that I cannot be blamed for anything because I will always give the work to try to improve as I have been doing all these years “.

Celta was able to sign him in January

“It is true that when things happen, they go through something. I know the situation I am in now, but I was still in the market, both in summer and winter. The Celta option came up, that option was considered because a footballer wants Feeling valued and above all playing. He did not go out. To work as I have always worked at Betis, I am not bad at all here, I am not in the mood to go out, but you always have to look for options of what is best for you. I am at home, where I have always wanted to be, very strong offers have arrived for me and I have decided to be here. That will be in summer time, but here I am very well and this is my home “.

You hear things that put your hands to your head, like I don’t run because I have it closed with another team

Loren Morón, Betis player

Could this be your last game with Betis on Saturday?

“Throughout the year you hear things that put your hands to your head, like that I have it closed by a team and that is why I do not run or that I do not want to be here, that I have fought with all the coaches that have passed around here … I took off Twitter for the same reason, because it was not doing me well, and from then on I am leading my life quite well because it was something that was hurting me personally. I removed it because of the amount of atrocities and nonsense that was being heard towards me, which is totally a lie. They are hoaxes that people believe it and the only one they harm is you. All football players want to play, no one likes to be in the situation I am in, but one thing does not take away the other and I am going to continue trying to improve day by day with all my colleagues “.

Back to Europe to stay

“The line that we all want is to want that sequence of entering Europe year after year and not having so many ups and downs. It is everyone’s thing, club, player, that things are done well and, within the bad, they are It took us a few years to return to Europe, which Betis had not done for a long time. Which is really not that bad, but with the number of good players here we have to have regularity like Real Sociedad and Villarreal to always be fighting for Europe.

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