Iago Aspas: “I think we were wrong, I’m screwed up”

ANDl Celtic debuted with defeat in its 56th season in First division. He failed to add to the Atlético de Madrid despite the improvement shown on the pitch as the match progressed. Eduardo Coudet -feeding the sanction that dragged from last season- began the tournament from the stands; a stand in which 7,300 throats, mask and distances roared again. A hobby excited to return to the Vigo municipal, although dissatisfied with the queues and the management of the entrances to the stadium, as well as with the cleanliness of some seats and bathrooms.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Iago Aspas appreciated the shock: “In the first half we were not comfortable, we received a lot on our feet, the field was a bit dry … I think the fact that the pitch was not in good condition has hurt us. The first they had, they did not forgive . In the second half the same, they took a gap behind us. Then I had the draw close to me and I can’t escape it, the truth is that I’m screwed because I think we had at least one point for the team in that last time of mine. “

A league debut that he Celtic took the opportunity to pay tribute to Teresa Portela, Ana Peleteiro and Nico Rodríguez, renowned celtists and medalists in the Tokyo Games. A meeting in which summer incorporations, Matías Dituro, Javi Galán and Franco Cervi, they premiered with the celestial in an official match. A Sunday when the president’s crusade Carlos Mouriño with Denis Suarez remained on the sidelines, and the footballer complied on the green. An August 15 in which Hugo Mallo He played his 200th official match with the captain’s armband; a figure clouded by the confrontation and the subsequent expulsion carried out by the footballer in the final minutes of the match, after his participation in a tangana with Beautiful mario.

In this regard, Iago Aspas also spoke: “It does not benefit us. I think we have been wrong. As a result of all the tumult we have had two occasions there at the end that almost got the draw, but hey, I think we have not done a good first half, they have been superior to us, we have been wrong and in which they have had they have annihilated us “.

A Iago Aspas who did it again. Half an hour from the end, from the penalty spot he equalized the score and returned to Celtic, for a few minutes, your options in the game. It is infallible from eleven meters, because the Moaña He has already added 9 maximum consecutive penalties by scoring. You don’t quite understand, however, regulations regarding hands: “The truth is that they are not clear to me. At the time I thought it was not, I did not see it completely well. Marcos told me no and I trusted him until the referee decided it was a penalty.”

Questioned about the controversy of the Vigo club this last week: “The truth is that I’m fine, we keep trying to fight and fight from our own point of view, we only look at ours. We try to do things as well as possible and next Monday we have another game; we have the mirror of these last 45 minutes, and there is no other option but to fight, “he settled.

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