Javi Gracia, before the critics: “What the fans say is well said”

ANDhe coach of Valencia, Javi grace, regretted the defensive errors that condemned his team against an Osasuna whom he coached in the 2013-2014 season and that ended with the penultimate red descent. It was not a good return to a stadium in El Sadar that he had not returned to since then. The technician ché could not ignore the criticism that, from the final whistle, qualified the game as “embarrassment” or “ridiculous” Valencianist.


“What the fans say, well said. And in this case in such a compromising situation, I understand the criticism and there is no other choice but to assume it.

Unforced errors:

“The beginning has been even, we have not entered worse than the rival; but the errors in own field and simple passes we have granted advantages that the rival has taken advantage of. The team has reacted well, managing to tie the game and, later, the rival has been put back in front. We have made unforced errors that we have already made in more games and especially away from home. ”

Horrible defense:

“We are making many mistakes that are inappropriate for a team in this category. There are many at the beginning of the game, trying not to resort to the long ball, in passes that may seem simpler. They are individual errors that we have to improve.”

We are making many mistakes that are inappropriate for a team of this category

Javi grace

No effectiveness:

“Osasuna has made merits to obtain the victory and we have been losing strength. I do not think that there has been no attitude but the lack of success is weighing us down a lot.”


“I take full responsibility. I try to ensure that the players improve individually. It is not a thing that depends only on the coach and the work that is done. There is also the responsibility of the players and together we try to minimize errors because they are hurting us a lot at the time to add “.

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