Rafa Mir, the great threat to Atlético

The Barça forward has 15 goals this season with Huesca

Suma six goals in as many games, is the great reference of the SD Huesca at the tip of the attack, has become one of the fashionable players of The league, has reached 35 kilometers per hour with the ball at the foot when he has fought in the race with a rival defense and is in the crosshairs of big clubs in Europe how is he Athletic. We talk about Rafa mir, the great threat with which the Alto Aragonese group will be planted in the Metropolitan looking for some points that help them in the fight for salvation.

Everything points to what Savic and Giménez, central pair that will align Simeone before the team of Pacheta, they will have extra work. This time they will not have to face a small and fast forward, they will have to face a more than powerful footballer in the air game thanks to his 1.91 meters tall and capable of surpassing any defense when he has meters ahead to reach the rival goal.

If the mattresses continue with the idea of ​​playing with advanced defense as they have been doing this season, there is no doubt that they may suffer. Yes Giménez or Savic do not receive the aid of the environment, the power of Rafa mir it is difficult to brake. Galloping to the vicinity of the area and zapatazo, is the specialty of the former player of Valencia.

Rafa mir arrives at the showcase of Metropolitan, a place where you can show yourself to what could be your future hobby. Andrea Berta He has followed him closely for a long time and nothing better than a good game against the Italian to finish convincing him.

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