Juan Villar’s cry to the ball boy was heard even in …


ANDThe scream that Juan Villar gave to one of the ball boys of the Mediterranean Games will go down in the history of Second and of the promotion playoffs to First. And it is that there were only 12 seconds left for finish the first 45 minutes and the ball left the game rectangle on one of the bands.

The seconds passed and on the green there was no ball, before this, the Almeria soccer player began to yell at one of the ball boys to give him a ball and to be able to use up the seconds that remained.

When there were 5 seconds left, a ball arrived on the Almeria field, but when the locals got ready to put it in motion, the Madrid collegiate Ortiz Arias decreted the end of the first part.

Given this, Juan Villar, with all the anger in the world, hit the sky with a ball and left screaming and protesting a lot for that play. Without a doubt, the desire and pressure of a ‘playoffs’ were the culprits that the Indálico footballer, always attentive to everything the world will yell at the ball boy.

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