Julio Jones: Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons agree deal for seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver


Under the deal, the Falcons will have a second round pick in 2022 and a fourth in 2023, while Atlanta will send Jones and a round six pick in 2023 to Tennessee; Jones joins offense than Henry, AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year and Pro Bowl Receiver at Brown.

Tennessee has agreed to a deal with Atlanta for seven-time Pro Bowl receiver Julio Jones, allowing the Falcons to make room for a pay cap while the Titans get help for Ryan Tunnehill, Derrick Henry and AJ Brown.

The Falcons will receive a second round pick in 2022 and their fourth in 2023 when Atlanta sends Jones and a sixth pick in 2023 to Tennessee while awaiting Jones’ medical treatment.

The deal adds Jones to attack than Henry, NFL’s AP Attacker of the Year and Pro Bowl Receiver at Brown. The defending champion AFC Yuzhny finished fourth in scoring in 2020, and this move creates a big hole in the Titans’ attack after losing to flank successor Corey Davis and tight end Jonn Smith in a free agency in March.

Henry recently shared photos of him training with Jones on social media.

Brown lobbied hard for Jones to join the Titans on social media, and on Sunday Brown shared a photo on Twitter of him, Jones and Henry all in Tennessee jerseys celebrating.

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey also took to social media to express his feelings that his team missed out on Jones.

Jones’ base salary of $ 15.3 million is guaranteed, and next season he should have cost the Falcons just over $ 23 million against the salary cap. By exchanging it after June 1, they can split the dead money into two seasons, which will greatly ease their dire financial situation.

Jones holds the Atlanta record with 848 hauls at 12,896 yards and his 60 touchdowns are second. In 2015, he had 136 career best catches at 1,871 yards. He spent six straight seasons with over 1,300 yards before limiting to nine games in 2020 with an aching hamstring injury.

The Titans have had five straight winning seasons, second only to Seattle and Kansas City in the NFL. They lost to Kansas City in the 2019 AFC Championship match.

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