Las Palmas and Pepe Mel close a renewal agreement


Pepe Mel will continue to be the coach of UD Las Palmas… for the fourth consecutive season. The Madrilenian met again today with Luis Helguera, sports director, and they have agreed to continue with the coach. An appointment that has been the continuation of those carried out last week. The negotiations between Helguera and Mel have always been very good. It is true that other coaches have also been valued, but both have always admitted that at all times they have gone hand in hand. So much so that, after the last game, Pepe Mel was already talking about a future with him as a coach: “We have to try to do better next year.”

We have to try to do better next year

The signature and the officiality are missing, but the club already has the word of the coach and vice versa. On the economic issue, as Mel has repeated on more than one occasion, there has been no problem, and club sources assure MARCA that the current contract will be respected. Confirmed that Pepe Mel will continue, Today is also the time to find out and give an opinion on the project on the table. The goal itself will be more ambitious. The yellow club has proposed for the next course to fight for promotion. To do this, Helguera has marked the lines for the team to walk. Both have spoken of cancellations and renewals, but also of the profile of players that the technical secretariat will look for in the summer market and in the quarry.

The players of the land are going to be important again. Helguera’s idea is to return canariety to the team, so the two subsidiaries and the youth players will be looked at a lot. In addition, the player profile that will arrive in the summer will be very similar to that of last year. That is, Helguera and Tino Luis dive into the Second B and Second market, as they already did with players like Pejiño, Ale Díez, Rober or Sergio Ruiz. In this aspect, Pepe Mel will have a voice and vote, but the last word in terms of transfers will be the sports management.

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