Lemar, the definitive accolade that Simeone pursued

His return with France, he had not played since November 2019, confirms the best moment of the 11 since he signed for Atlético

“Lemar plays very well, believe me. We do not have footballers who have the driving and the shot that he has with his right leg. All words fade from not seeing him that often, but hopefully we can give him the confidence he needs because he can do us a lot of good. ” last November 28 Simeone he insisted on something that seemed hard to believe. The certainty that Lemar would end up turning 180 degrees to a career, his at Atlético, which has not exactly been a bed of roses.

Let’s start at minute 1. The one that converts the former Monaco player in the most expensive signing (later he was surpassed by Joao Félix) in the history of Atlético. 72 million for 70% of the pass for a footballer who that same summer, 2018, ended up being world champion surrounded by two players who, still at that time, were fundamental as rojiblancos, Antoine Griezmann and Lucas Hernández.

The high expectations raised by the trio of world champions faded at the rate that the defender left for Bayern after signing his contract in December of that same year and the forward flirted with Barça to, this time, make the decision to leave. While, Lemar barely added three goals and six assists in his first seasona, which would be an outrage in the positive seeing the double zero in the second.

But the new course started and Simeone continued, it remained written, believing that the 11th would end up triumphing with Atlético. And a few days ago came the definitive accolade that this has been the case with his return to a France team where DeschampsSeeing his performance, it took away his confidence to give it back thanks to the fact that he has become a vital player in the current leader of the League championship.

Lemar: “Simeone knows my quality and brings out the best in me”


Lemar returns to a team that had not called him up since 2019. Specifically, his last minutes were against Moldova on November 14 of that year. It was his 22nd game (he has scored four goals after making his debut at just 21 years old) and he belonged to the Eurocup qualification that was postponed last year due to the pandemic and which will be played this summer … with the aim of the rojiblanco to win a place among the important players.

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