Lim’s Valencia already plans the 2021-22 project without a coach

The club have got down to work in the chapter of possible casualties and reinforcements, preseason, player vacations after Euro and America’s Cup …

Lto date it was after the Valencia-Eibar game. It was what, after the calculations that had been made, was considered the date the team would be saved and knowing where they were, start projecting.

The point is that they have already started planning because certain decisions cannot be delayed in time and at the moment they are taking without there being a coach. Because we still have to wait for that kind of casting that is being done since the majority shareholder agrees or not to that proposal that is transmitted from Valencia. The Pepe Bordalás option is the most feasible but Lim has yet to show signs of life and this process can be delayed by taking into account the latest events related to sports.

Summer dance: according to what sales …

That is why Valencia needs to move and and orders have been given to accelerate in various aspects. They have lists of discards and possible sales prepared and what would happen in each case. Because Valencia is an unknown in this matter and several fronts are open to possible contingencies in sales mode. There’s also devised a list of reinforcements for when Lim demands it and decides. But this week it will be specified with the players who are part of the current Valencia roster (including those on loan) what the club’s sporting position is for their respective futures.

They plan: vacations, return to work, Euro, America’s Cup …

To all this is added that the work is intense in sports matters. They’re planning vacation dates for players without international commitments and their return to the chop (it should be remembered that the season begins on August 14-15, so by the first week of July they must be in Valencia), while they are trying to see what Holidays may have the internationals who play the Eurocup (the final would be on July 11) and the Copa América (a final of the latter tournament would be for July 10).

They can’t wait for Lim’s decision with the coach

And it is start over with the changed foot. The Asian will have to Communicate if you like Bordalás’ option or not, or if not, propose your candidate -that is not crazy but Due to the way of proceeding of the owner in which he has not wanted to be linked to the project, the logical thing is that he admits the proposal that they put forward-.

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