Luís García Plaza: “I’m a bit chof”

ANDl Mallorca coach assumed that he finished the game touched after starting winning it. The return to First of the Balearic table ends with a draw who knows little about the Madrid coach.

About the feeling that the tie leaves him: “I’m a bit chof with the tie. The first half was pretty good, but in the second half we could have done better. It’s a point, you have to be happy, but I think we could win, suffering, but we could win. “

On difference compared to the previous season: “We have kept the idea from last season, We have tried to be us but we have lacked keep possession the second half. You have to be satisfied. Everything that is adding is positive, the rival is a Europa League team. When you win and they tie you, you are “chof” and when you lose and draw you end with euphoria.

About the great game of Mboula and Baba:Mboula has come with great confidence. Last year he came out of shape and this season he has sold very strongly. He has given us many things, but he has to keep working, it’s a good apparition and it has to give us that level. Baba in first class is going to give us a lot, in First he steals, squeezes, goes out and it will be very important for us. We have lacked a bit of “punch” above but we are going to take it “.

About him public:”This year we have played a good part of the first half in the opposite field, but in the second part. When we have suffered they have helped us, I am glad I saw them and they will be very important for us. Let’s see if the closure is opened and they can enter more little by little. I don’t know why more people come in I don’t understand why only a little more than 8,000 enter, but I don’t know. “

About Take:“Take is very busy, he is already in shape. The thing is, he’s been here for three days. My idea is that he plays on the right or on the inside and where I think he feels most comfortable. He’s going to be important in the team and he’s going to give us a lot. “

Pellegrini: “The team left me good feelings”

The Chilean analyzed his team’s game and highlighted the ability to overcome the adversities of the first half to retrieve the best version in the second and tie the score to add the first point of the championship.

About the match: “Mallorca in the second half did not have the slightest opportunity to score. The team left me good feelings because in the second half we fixed the errors of the first one. “

On the rival: “El Mallorca is a team that plays clearly, knows what it wants and it will surely have a good season. “

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