Míchel: “There is nothing to reproach the players”

Michel appeared at a press conference after the defeat of the Getafe in front of Seville. The coach does not want this new setback to separate the team from the way forward, of which he speaks and is proud, and encourages his team to continue. “I feel good but fundamentally for the players. Having zero points is not going to keep us from what we want to do. We have not been inferior, we can say that the action is unfortunate but it must be accepted and understood. I can not say more than congratulate the players, “he said.

We knew that the beginning was not going to be easy. We had to go to Valencia and receive Sevilla. Every change he made showed us the level. If you put it in a league with so many games it can happen. We have played in both games well. The results have not accompanied the game but we have the strength to continue working, “he added.

Fair defeat

“It is fair because they score you a goal, there is nothing to reproach the players at all. If we lose ourselves in lamentations we will not think about the things we do well, which are many. What we have seen in the first half has forced Sevilla to go through difficulties. There is not much to be happy about but this is a long time. “


“He has asked for the change, the twin was being loaded. We are going to see the assessment and see if we can have him for Barcelona. Vitolo’s injury has allowed us to see Jankto who seems to have been with us all his life.”

The public return

“The fans like to win and in these two weekends it has been a disappointment but the Getafe fan is used to playing good games and losing with these level rivals. It has been a pain. People on their return to the stadium have been outstanding as I believe in some parts of the game. “


“From where I am, they have seemed to me, but my glass is blue, it is normal that I see them, surely they have reviewed them. The second part seemed clearer to me”.


“He has been very motivated and very well, he has good movements, he is able to associate. In the second half he has had good actions. We want him to find the goal that we also need.”

A Getafe in Europe

“I believe that Valencia, like Sevilla today, did not have a good time. It does not console us but I do not stop saying it. I will have to insist, it is the line that we have marked. There are situations in which the team is showing itself quite a bit. Good. I try not to stay with the results because they will come. If we start to doubt we are going to blur our objective, which is to continue like this. “

Juan Iglesias

“We have a perception, equally wrong, of what seemed right to us. They were attacking us a lot from that side. We have put Iglesias in, who has been sensational and we wanted to reinforce the midfield. That is theory.”

Lack of goal

“Even if it was against another team, we understand that we play a good deep game of shooting possibilities to have a goal. When it is not the goalkeeper, it is a stick or our mistake. I think it is a question that we must clarify. The main thing is that the team plays good and generate. We will score goals. We have zero but it is much more true that we have zero points and the feelings have not been so bad. “

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