Monterrubio leaves with a slam of the door: “I have felt harassed”

The former general director of Granada announces that he will “defend himself in court”

Mwhile the grenade continues to reap successes on the lawn, the turbulences continue to hit the offices of the Andalusian entity, shaken by the sudden dismissal of Antonio Monterrubio, until a few days ago, the club’s general director, who has now wanted to offer his version of this episode through a statement and an appearance before the media.

In addition to a lack of confidence, the club alleged disciplinary reasons to justify the departure of Monterrubio, accusations that he has wanted to deny emphatically: “I have a clear conscience, honesty is not something that can be taken from me with lies, faulty news and populists. I will not allow insinuations or biased comments about my good repute or professionalism. The truth will always prevail. “

“Biased and false information leaks”

A position that he has defended: “The situation is long overdue, They tried to bore me so that I would leave. When I have not done so, I have been given a letter of dismissal and they do not want to fulfill the contract. To do this, biased and false information is leaked. Obviously they want to save compensation. I am fired for loss of confidence and a letter with a series of falsehoods that I will defend in court“, explained Monterrubio.

An internal situation that had become unsustainable: “I have felt harassed by those who are hierarchically above. I have had all the difficulties to throw in the towel, it is obvious that they have been looking for something for months and they have not found it, nor will they find it because there is nothing, you can keep looking“, he stated bluntly.

Despite this abrupt departure, Monterrubio wanted to say goodbye thanking him for the great love he has received: “It has been an honor and pride to defend this shield from my position, with honesty, responsibility, humility and respect.”

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