Movement in Athletic: Do you want to be president?

ANDl Athletic prepares for a strange season. It is what living with elections in sight. Aitor Elizegi has a mandate until December 2022, but will call the polls at the end of the 2021-22 campaign. The president has not yet announced the specific date, although doing so at the farewell to the sports course is the first commitment he made when he arrived at the Ibaigane palace. And he will not break his word.

The electoral journey, however, has already begun. Athletic is on the move because they organize meetings of partners and potential candidates. The same path is followed as in the 2018 elections, which Aitor Elizegi won by continuist Alberto Uribe Echevarría by a narrow margin of 85 votes in an appointment that had the participation of 19,340 members, which then accounted for 46% of the census.

The meetings coincide in time with the formation of the new assembly forum. The renewal of delegates is in its final stretch. More than a thousand members are accredited for a vital body since the umpire has a voice in assemblies that decide matters of importance how to give free rein to budgets or, as will happen this fall, they face issues such as the renewal of statutes. The mandate of the new delegates will be between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2025 and they will have a key position in the last ordinary meeting of the current board of directors and during the full term of the next one.

The nominations work will take time to offer name of a defined leader, although partners of different depths take part in them. Many will be recognizable to the general public by a personal trajectory with influence that also includes a presence in sports fields. Of course, the ‘plates’ are far from launched. Preparing an election with such distance advises against rapid exposure of a candidate. In the elections that Aitor Elizegi won the first candidatable it was Juan Antonio Jainaga, but the businessman did not finish taking the step.

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