Paco López: “Vezo likes to put on gloves a lot”

Paco López was satisfied with the team’s reaction, but the defensive errors angered him. “To draw, in principle, against a team against Madrid tastes like victory. But it is true that after watching the second half and having the 4-2 on such a clear occasion, logically you leave with a bitter taste. We were still in front of us. one of the best in the championship. “

The expulsion of Aitor

It can’t happen to us because before the corner was taken in favor we had left three players under surveillance. Tell me that play, it will not have been for not preventing. They have won our back. Obviously we have many things to correct. ”

defensive facilities

“We have been in the league for two games and I think the team has been good. Today we have made mistakes, but they can be corrected. The 2-2 has hurt me especially because it is a play that must be closed. And the team has improved in that respect to seasons. previous “.

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Reaction in the locker room

At half-time we talked that these games, despite the difficulty, can be traced back. Correcting two things and leaving with the same daring. Convinced that it could be turned around because we have already done it against Madrid in other seasons.

Goalkeeper time

“Too much importance was given to his substitution last week. We had taken the decision to become goalkeeper quickly from the bench. In training he really likes to take his gloves and play as goalkeeper. His teammates, as a joke, tell him they say why doesn’t he play goalkeeper “

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