Panda’s punch: 60% of his shots on goal end in a goal

Borja Iglesias has recovered his success in 2021 and is already Betis’ top scorer in LaLiga this season

Borja Iglesias placeholder image was decisive for the Betis will achieve last night in front of grenade a very important victory that puts him one step away from stamping his passport to Europe. The Galician forward, after a year and a half of discouragement, in which things did not work out, has recovered his success in 2021 and is already performing at the level expected when the Verdiblanco club made a millionaire bet to get his services .

In front of the team of Diego Martinez, the Panda signed his second league double with him Betis, to which he adds another one in the Copa del Rey last January, in front of the Real society, the party that restored his confidence. Yesterday was the fifth time that he scored two goals in the same match of The league: two of them in his last nine games, as many as he had achieved in the previous 79 games in the competition.

Borja He is already the top gunner of the Betis this season with nine goals in The league and two more in the Cup. He is the first player in the squad to exceed 10 goals (ahead of Channels, which adds up to just 10 goals) and his goals have already given his team 11 points, 20% of the 54 he adds in the standings. But the most amazing thing in the records he’s signing the Panda in the second round of the league it is his finishing touch …

A hit of ‘killer’

The Galician forward has only needed 15 shots on goal to score the nine goals he has on his locker in the domestic competition. That is, six out of ten auctions of Borja Iglesias placeholder image end in goal, an effectiveness typical of the great forwards capable in addition to manufacturing as many as the one that allowed yesterday to Betis open the scoring, turning by a span within the area, and being decisive at the key moment, as with his powerful hit to sign the final 2-1.

The ratio of goals per minute played is also striking in Borja. The Galician has only started in 12 of the 35 games of League played this season, 34%, and their playing minutes are barely 37% of the total. But he has managed to make the most of them with nine goals, one every 130 minutes (one goal every 125 minutes if we add the Copa del Rey). This is the forward that he Betis I expected. The Panda has come back to stay.

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