Pınar Karşıyaka was demolished in the last second

Pınar Karşıyaka, the strong candidate of the championship race in the FIBA ​​Champions League, is experiencing the shock of losing the big advantage on the way to the 8th Final by defeating Hapoel Unet-Credit Holon with a dramatic technical foul with 0.6 seconds remaining in the critical match with a 16 points margin.

Kaf-Kaf, who got ahead and widened the difference against the Israeli team that he defeated on the road, could not prevent his opponent from catching him with the fatigue of the Anadolu Efes match he played in ING Basketball Super League 2 days ago. Having missed 2 free throws while entering the last seconds behind, Kaf-Kaf brought the score to 76-76 with the miracle three pointers he found among the two opponents with 0.6 seconds to finish, and then lost the match with an incredible mistake and risked the finals. Captain Semih Erden, the most experienced name of the team, who entered the game only in the last moments of the match and stayed on the floor for 4 seconds, while Holon, who took a break, put the ball into the game from the side in the hope of finding a basket in the remaining time, and caused a technical foul by pressing the line despite the referee’s warning. While the Israeli team, which turned its single foul shot into a number, was very happy, Karşıyaka was shocked. Kaf-Kaf, who lost the leadership of the group to Holon, who reached 3 wins in 4 matches, and 2 wins and 2 defeats, Kaf-Kaf will win the remaining 2 games and wait for the results of his opponents in order to go to the 8-final and continue on the way to the cup in Europe. Karşıyaka will be a guest of Tofaş on 30 March and will host Happy Casa Brindisi on 6 April.


Pınar Karşıyaka Coach Ufuk Sarıca reacted to the referees’ simple whistles after the match. Sarica said, “We played a very hard and tough match. Holon is a very good team. They also won the last two away games. We played well in the first half. Especially we got 46 points on offense. But we made excessive mistakes in the second half. Two days ago Anadolu Efes. Our opponent is talented but we made terrible mistakes. 0.6 seconds before the end, one of the big mistakes in basketball happened. Of course, but before that we saw that some rules were not applied at all in the second half. Maybe there were fouls played correctly, but we saw that these rules were not applied in Israel. When we showed the same reactions in Israel, there was a technical foul, but unfortunately, today there was a different situation on the court. I think the referee organization needs to be improved in order to have a better place as an organization, “he said.


M’Baye, who was taken under isolation because the coronavirus test was positive before the Anadolu Efes match, which was played in the ING Basketball Super League last Sunday in Pınar Karşıyaka, will not be able to play in the league this weekend. M’Baye, who was quarantined for his test before the Anadolu Efes match, showed no symptoms, and 2 more tests were applied 48 hours and 24 hours before the Holon exam. While both tests were negative, FIBA ​​contacted by Karşıyaka staff and allowed the French long forward to play when the last test applied on the morning of the match was negative. M’Baye will not be able to play in the Bursaspor match, which will be played on Saturday, March 27, in the Super League at the weekend, as the 10-day mandatory isolation continues.


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