Rakitic: “I already look more like me, it’s a shame the season is over”

The Croat, in an interview in Goal, recounts how it has improved in recent months thanks to the change in position

Ivan Rakitic always smiles. When things are going well for him or when criticism is focused on his figure. He has assumed that he must carry that burden on his shoulders in his second stage at the Andalusian club. For experience, resume and even salary. It has nothing to do with the Rakitic who has returned to Nervión with whom he left in 2014, with a Europa League under his arm. It has been difficult for him to find his place, but once he has done it now he does not want to finish. Lopetegui has finished finding your location. And the further you are from the area, the better you have gotten. Goals against Celta, Granada or Real Madrid. Rakitic looks optimistically to the future. The one next year, equal to or better than the one that will say goodbye on Sunday.

“I am convinced that I have not reached my maximum. In the last two or three months I think I have made an important leap, I have gone from less to more. I am very happy with the way the season ended. The truth that fills me with strength and even I would say it’s a shame that the season is over because I want to keep fighting and playing but I think it has been very positive. I am very happy, “he reflected in an interview in Goal.

Position and criticism

“The position has been changing afterwards and it has helped me. The important thing has been the enthusiasm and the work from the first day. I wish I could give it a button and that everything is alright. I understood the opinion of the people, we live from the results and the numbers and I have been able to understand it and make that change. I have found my site and that is very important. If we look at the last months, I already look more like myself and what I want and need to give to the club“.

Where should you play?

“Where I am most comfortable is where I am playing in recent weeks, I am closer to the ball, to creation. I love to reach the top but I also love to lend a hand back to launch the attack up and be able to arrive. Now I’m not up, I get up. I see my numbers and they have improved a lot: the high intensity, the movements, the passes and everything and that’s when I feel most comfortable. “

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