The negative records that Valencia can still avoid this season


Classification, score and even direct rivalry with Levante are at stake

ANDl Valencia fire another tEmporada disastrous this Saturday in Huesca.Saved mathematically for a week by the Villarreal victory in Valladolid, to the black and white team He has no other objective than to finish the course with the same dignity what has been showing since Voro took over the bench. The two wins In three games that the Valencian coach has achieved, apart from a major disaster, they turn the last game into a procedure – it is not for him Huesca, far from it – you can add some makeup.

Avoid the worst score of the Lim era

Valencia need a victory to improve the worst score since Lim became maximum shareholder on 2014. It was in season 15-16 (that of Nuno, Neville and Ayestarán) when the team finished with 44 points. Now add 42 and only a victory would improve the data of that stunted season.

Avoid the worst ranking of the Lim era

No matter how well the day goes with him own result and that of the rest of matches, Valencia will end the day of 10º down. At this moment is 13th and could tie Granada on points, with the best goal coefficient for the black and white team. The worst classification of Valencia with Peter Lim as the main shareholder has been 12th place, which was repeated in the seasons 15-16 and 16-17.

Never the I raised has been ahead of the Valencia one season in First division. And this year still this situation could occur for the first time. The team of Paco López adds 40 points (two less than Valencia) and has a inconsequential match this friday against him Cadiz in the Ciutat. If he adds up the three points, Valencia should tie at least to stay ahead (by the most favorable marker in Mestalla).

Behind the drastic cut of spending you ordered Peter lim last summer, Valencia spent from the fourth to the eighth budget in First Division staff. With 93 million salary cap, Valencia almost tied with the Royal Society (95), but it was moving away from Athletic (110), Villarreal (140), Seville (183), Athletic (217), Barcelona (347) and real Madrid (473).

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