Rui Silva and the Cup: “I have a thorn with Granada; let’s see if we’re lucky this year”

ANDThe goalkeeper usually starts in the Betis, Rui Silva, and who has all the ballots to put on the gloves in the transcendental match of the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey against Real Sociedad, with Claudio Bravo competing these days with Chile, he went through the official media to give his particular vision of how the team is doing, his first season in the Betis and what awaits them Royal Sand next Thursday. “The game of the Royal It’s not going to be the same as in the league game. It’s going to be very difficult at his stadium and with his people supporting him”, he assumed, to remember his previous editions in the competition: “I have the cup thorn two years ago with grenade, that we were very close to the final. Last year they also eliminated us in the quarterfinals. You look close to winning a title. Let’s see if we are lucky this year. We are going to look for it and face the Real match with the maximum enthusiasm”.

Stop of selections

“It is important to be able to work a clean week to work on such an important match, although the bad thing is that we don’t have the group right now. It’s a FIFA decision, but it’s a difficult moment because other teams also need their players to prepare for their matches. Trying to improve to face the Cup match as well as possible. When you play so many competitions, it’s normal that you train less and play more, but that’s the beauty of football, playing every three days.”

Dynamics of Betis

The team is plugged in very involved, happy and enjoying. You have to go step by step and enjoy every moment. We’ve already had bad streaks, but now that we’re good we should enjoy it and know what we have to improve on. Step by step, without thinking where we are going“.

loss of his father

One is never prepared for these things. The best thing I could do was play that game for my father too because I’m sure he wanted it to honor him. It wasn’t worth being at home thinking about what had happened. When I play soccer I don’t think about it. There are times to think, cry or mourn. It was the best tribute I have ever paid him.“.

state of form

“I am very well incorporated. The adaptation always has new things even if it is the same league. In the first games I noticed that change. was different from grenade because here we risk more and the goalkeeper must do other things. With the games that I was able to play, I grew. A player needs matches and confidence to bring out his best version and performance“.

Prepare penalties

“Everything is set up. It’s important to set it up. It’s good to know the pitching possibilities.”

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