The accounts that approve the ten minute discount at Atlético – Espanyol

Mmore than one was surprised at the RCDE Stadium when the fourth official showed the number 10 on the poster corresponding to added time. At Spanish they defended tooth and nail a tie that meant the first point of the season. But after the 90th minute there was still a world left for the parakeet team to take some loot in front of the Athletic.

In a meeting in which there was two minute hydration break, it took 5:36 minutes to decide that Lemar’s goal He should not add to the scoreboard due to the offside of Luis Suárez, Felipe was intervened for one minute and nine seconds, another one was lost minute and seven seconds in the confirmation of the goal of the mattress tie by the VAR, Darder was treated on the green for 1:49 minutes and finally, Melamed also claimed medical assistance for 1:11 minutes, there is no doubt that the added time was just according to what was seen on the green.

It is true that not so much time is usually added in the matches of The league, something that significantly harms the team that tries to speed up the game and benefits those who pull that picaresque so traditional in the world of football that should be abolished.

Own CarrascoObviously benefited by the minutes that were played over 90, he was in favor of compensating at the end of the match for all the time lost during the second act. “It seemed very good to me, because the Spanish wasted a lot of time, there was VAR twice … And we managed to score in those 10 minutes, “said the Belgian at the end of the clash.

He also spoke after the final whistle of the most important decision of the match Raúl de Tomás. The forward of the Spanish he criticized himself and far from complaining about it, he acknowledged: “I don’t know why he added so much and at what point so much time has been lost. But we should have gotten stronger and in the end we paid for it.”

Obviously, aware that his team needed as much playing time as possible to get the victory against him Spanish, Cholo Simeone He also came out in defense of the ten extra minutes and at a press conference he said: “There were many minutes, but I also never saw so much time wasted in a match. We would have to look at what happened during the match.”

For the second consecutive day the Athletic has taken advantage of the final minutes of the game. Before him Villarreal and in front of Spanish the parakeets did not know how to close the clash before the final stretch of the duel and if against the yellow they added a draw just before the final whistle thanks to a goal from Mandi, at RCD Stadium it was Lemar the one that didn’t miss in the 99th minute.

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