The Fairies of the Crucible beat Slovenia

A National Women’s Basketball Team lost 72-47 against Slovenia in its first match in 2021 FIBA ​​Women’s European Championship Group C.

A National Team, which was successful in defensive rebounds at the beginning of the match, fell back 9 points (17-8) in the 7th minute when it could not prevent its opponent’s numbers in fast attacks. Defending well, the national team managed to reduce the gap to 3 points with 19-16 at the end of the 1st period with Melis’s basket.

Against the national team, which could not be effective in the painted area, Slovenia increased the gap to 13 points (34-21) in the 18th minute. Trying not to break away from the game with Hollingsworth, Turkey went to the locker room 36-27 behind.

The national team, which used the painted area more effectively in the second half, but remained at a low percentage in the outside shots, could not prevent Oblak’s baskets and passed the third period 53-42 behind.

A National Team, which completely broke away from the game in the last period, lost 72-47 to its opponent.

The national team will face Bosnia and Herzegovina in the second match of the group tomorrow at 13.00 CEST.

Slovenia: 72 – Turkey: 47

Living room: Rhenus

Referees: Maj Kazuko Forsber (Denmark), Andrei Sharapa (Belarus), Marek Kukelcik (Slovakia)

Slovenia: Evans 8, Friskovec 12, Lisec 17, Oblak 14, Prezelj 6, Baric 6, Jakovina 3, Kroselj 4, Senicar, Trebec 2, Debeljak, Gorsic

Turkey: Pelin Derya Bilgiç 7, Olcay Çakır Turgut 8, Tuğçe Canıtez 5, Hollingsworth 16, Meltem Yıldızhan 2, Melis Gülcan 2, Şerife Alperi Onar, Bahar Çağlar Ökten 5, Gökşen Fitik, Esra Ural Topuz 2, Sevgi Uzun

1st Period: 19-16

Circuit: 36-27

3. Period: 53-42

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