The ‘mechanical cheese’ turns its back on the owners of Albacete


Albacete Balompié had organized an official event at Carlos Belmonte to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first promotion to the First Division, thus remembering that fantastic team led by Benito Floro and baptized in his day as “Mechanical cheese“. But the players of that squad have refused to share any type of act with the owners of the entity, the company Skyline which is owned by the family Kabchi, Lebanese of origin and with a Venezuelan passport.

The fans explode on social networks against Albacete managers after throwing out the delegate, the utility worker and the doctor

In the last days, the Albacete spokesman, Víctor Varela, had communicated the dismissal to the doctor Juan Miguel Armero and the delegate Rodrigo Sánchez ‘Rodri’, curiously elected twice as the best delegate of Second division in the last five years, decisions that have not sat at all well in the La Mancha fans. But the last straw was the dismissal of the legendary David García, Alba utility worker for more than 30 years, a figure loved and respected by all inside and outside the La Mancha entity.

Social networks have exploded against the owners of Albacete and in defending of those laid off, especially by David García. Insults, threats and warnings not to buy the season ticket for the next season they have been the usual trend in the last hours, as well as opinion articles and editorials in different media. All this accompanied by a reiterated general suggestion where the Kabchi were urged and his team to leave the city of La Mancha with their money.

The moment of maximum tension has arrived with the refusal of the players of the “Mechanical Cheese” to celebrate the historic rise with the current owners of the Albacete. The captain then, Catali, confessed to MARCA: “I have spoken one by one with all the colleagues who were summoned to the act and we have unanimously decided to defend the figure of our partner and friend David garcia, who was also part of that promotion, it seems to us an inappropriate dismissal because David he doesn’t deserve it and with these forms there is nothing to celebrate. “

The mythical players Catali, Menéndez, Corbalán, Antonio, Coco, Parada, Quique and Cabrero, among others, They have made it very clear what the fans feel Albacete before the preponderance of money over the feeling of club and peasantry. And it is that since he arrived Skyline to the Albacete the quarry has disappeared and in its place they have opted for poor quality foreigners who have ended with the decline of the team.

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