The worst Valencia since relegation to Second

His 8 wins and 11 draws only improve the records of the 82-83 and 85-86 seasons, when he lost the category.

ANDhe draw of Valencia against Alavés in the last minutes of the match at Mestalla adds another milestone in a dire season that still can get complicated until you have to stake your salvation in the last days if you can’t soon a victory. After the dispute of the matchday 33, with 8 wins and 12 draws, This is the worst Valencia since the year of relegation in the 1985-86 season, when the team went to the second division. At this stage, that team had 7 wins and 9 draws and in the last five days only was able to add one more win.

Only there is a worse record than the current one, but it is also before the relegation campaign. In the 1982-83 season -when the Valencia was saved in the last match with the goal of Tendril against Madrid- Valencia added 7 wins and 9 draws after matchday 33. Since then, there has not been a campaign with such a poor background, although season 07-08 approaches, with Ronald Koeman on the bench, when he added 11 wins and six draws at this very point in the competition.

In the absence of five games to play, Valencia is in a 14th position that will not lose already Sunday despite Getafe, Valladolid, Huesca and Eibar they have one less game. The team of Javi grace, which seemed to improve in February and March with four consecutive victories at Mestalla, life has gotten complicated again after scoring three points in the last five games. Right now, and in the absence of the last three classified play the back game you have left, has the descent seven points away. It’s about a considerable margin, but what does not assure neither mathematically nor virtually salvation.

Although the calendar difficulty is always relative and more for a team in low hours, at Valencia has matches left against rivals that LaLiga is played and others that could be disputing the permanence, although they could already be descended when they face the black and white. The last five games of League for those of Gracia are in front of Barcelona, ​​Valladolid, Seville, Eibar and Huesca. The next two games (Barça and Valladolid) in Mestalla they will give the key if the season can still be one of more suffering for Valencia or is simply a disastrous disappointment.

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