Pacheta: “The locker room is screwed, we all are”

The coach valued the game against Getafe after the 0-2 defeat

ANDhe coach of the Sociedad Deportiva Huesca, Pacheta, appreciated the defeat against Getafe -third in a row in LaLiga Santander- which places him in a very delicate position in the face of permanence.

Analysis: “The dressing room is screwed up, we all are. Today Getafe has given a fantastic version against a not so good version of Huesca. Today they have been tough, compact and we think that in the second half we have come out well but the second goal for us it has done a lot of damage. The first half hour of them has been very good. Now we are already thinking about the Real, we have no other way. ”

Changes made: “We have tried to have a better exit of the ball with the changes but it is true that it has cost us to arrive clearly. With Escriche we were looking for more verticality and depth and shot with Sergio and Okazaki. We were looking for a reaction to see if we were able to get into party. They have been better than us and have been fair winners. ”

Message to the fans: “We are not relegated. We are going to fight until the last day. I have nothing to claim, we try, to win games we have to give a fantastic version. This mountain is going to be like this until the end. We are going to keep fighting, we have shown signs that we can get it. “

Bad luck: “The streaks change. We are in First but we have to understand that we are one of the little ones and it is very difficult to be stable. We are small and in First there is much more difference than in Second. Now we are losing … because every time we are closer to winning. I don’t get out of the way, we have to be in and we have to give a better version than the one we have today. We have to get that back. To go back to work, lick our wounds and come back. “

Pressure for the situation: “This team is responsible, it has been for all time. I hope to get back that good version of Huesca. It is evident that the team has suffered throughout the season. They have not had any moment of pleasure.”

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