Tunç Holding became the sponsor of Galatasaray Wheelchair Basketball Team

A sponsorship agreement was signed between Galatasaray Club and Tunç Holding for the yellow-red wheelchair basketball team.

Galatasaray Club Secretary General Köksal Ünlü and Tunç Holding Chairman of the Board Dinçer Azaphan attended the signing ceremony of the sponsorship agreement held at Türk Telekom Stadium.

Speaking at the ceremony, Köksal Ünlü explained that Tunç Holding supports the club in many areas and said:

“We are together with Mr. Dinçer in a sponsorship agreement again. Mr. Dinçer called me and asked about the status of the wheelchair basketball team. I said that there were no new developments. ‘If you allow, I would like to sponsor the wheelchair basketball team.’ “Life is not equal for everyone sometimes. There are my brothers and sisters who are athletes here, they continue their lives in wheelchairs. Dinçer Bey’s father, Mr. Tuncer Azaphan, had to continue his life in a wheelchair after an operation 5-6 years ago. He also said that he had such a mission. He said that everyone has the right to amateur sports. I was really touched. I said we will do whatever it takes and we got it done in 1-2 days.”

Reminding that the wheelchair basketball team at Galatasaray Club was founded in 2005, Ünlü said, “We made it to the Super League in the first year. The team’s international successes are one more than its national successes. It has 12 international and 11 national cups. All the stakeholders of the society have the right to amateur sports. It is developed. Wheel basketball is one of them. We set out with the thought of doing our best for this. Make sure that Tunç Holding has taken the responsibility again. Tunç Holding is sponsoring the third unit this term. Football, women’s volleyball and wheelchair. I would like to thank Dinçer Azaphan.” he said.

Köksal Ünlü, upon a question, stated that the establishment of the Galatasaray Women’s Football Team was completed and said, “The women’s football team is ready with everything. We are planning its launch. You will see all the details in a week. The sponsors are also ready.” used the phrases.

Noting that the ground renovation works of Türk Telekom Stadium have been completed, Ünlü said, “Actually, the stadium had passed the UEFA criteria before. However, we did not want to take risks, so we kept it until the Lazio match. We will play the Lazio match at our stadium with 99 percent. expressed an opinion.

Köksal Ünlü stated that they are nearing the end in their negotiations for the title sponsorship of the stadium, “I said before that we will not give the stadium naming rights until it finds its value. We are currently in the process of finding its value. We are meeting with two sponsors. This will not take too long. We will announce it in the short term.” said.

Ünlü added that they will start the renovation works of the stadium seats as stages from next week.

Expressing that the sponsorship agreement has a different meaning for him, Dinçer Azaphan said, “I would like to thank Burak Elmas in the first place. Thank God we saw those days too. From now on, we are always by Galatasaray’s side. I promise to sign new agreements.” made its assessment.


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