Valencia changes its strategy in the market

ANDl Valencia has decided change strategy in the market Of summer. Now this showing a public attitude of strength, totally contrary to the one that presided over the decisions of last season, like the give Parejo to Villarreal. Although it has nbudgetary need to deposit money for transfers, from the club they insist that already there are not so many ‘urgencies’ because the thickest work was undertaken last summer. This is the context in which the club has told Daniel Wass -which ends the contract in 2022- that brings a good offer if you want to return to your country. And it is in this scenario that the Valencia tightens the rope with Getafe in his interest for Rubén Nephew -taking into account that he is interested in blue players such as Arambarri or the side Juan Iglesias -.

And so it is also with Gonçalo Guedes, the great hope of the club’s sale this summer. Valencia has received offers for the footballer, but very far from the 30 million in which his departure has been assessed. For this reason, the player has been forced to return to training in the sports city of Paterna and put himself at the command of Bordalás, just the opposite of what happened last year, which was avoided by all means that players like Ferran , Parejo or Coquelin coincided in the dressing room with Javi grace.

“The club has told me that it is not going to give away players,” he acknowledged Bordalás to BRAND in a recent interview. It is the same message that is transmitted from the noble floor of the offices: “We are not selling players. If they want a footballer, let them come with a good economic offer. “It is now necessary for Valencia to transmit this strong position in the market.

There is no blacklist anymore

A year ago, just finished the 19-20 season, the president Anil Murthy had communicated to various agents what they will look for equipment to their represented in the squad, because the club was obliged to reduce the wage bill to the half. The objective was to reduce the cost of staff as it was. From there they came Parejo and Coquelin at Villarreal in lightning negotiations, considered a success by the submarine, or the transfer of Ferran Torres to City for a fixed amount well below your appraisal. But destiny was also found Rodrigo, under conditions of sale according to the market.

But the club is came up short on sales. In the plan was to get rid of Gameiro -by age, amortization and record- and Cillessen -Because of its high amortization and its record is the most expensive player in the squad- However, the two got injured last summer and there was no way to find a way out. That is why Valencia agreed to negotiate the transfer of Kondogbia to Atlético once the season has started and contrary to what had been promised to the coach, Javi Gracia.

Alderete, before departures

From the Valencia assure that last summer will not be repeated. Of course, has changed its strategy by incorporating a player (the central Omar alderete arrived on loan from Hertha Berlin, with a conditional purchase option) before selling. But the squad still needs a defensive midfielder and a Forward, at a minimum, and have to combine these investments with the need to adjust your budget.

This course, Valencia has an ally: the new coach Jose Bordalás It has given the club a boost. His experience and leadership skills are the best support for the club’s strategy. It is true that, with Javi grace the same thing happened at first, but it took very little disappoint after club decisions. At this time, the Alicante coach is aware of the economic difficulties of Valencia and knows that the market will go slow, although he does not forget the word that Murthy himself gave him about future decisions.

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