Fenerbahce Beko is the first candidate Erdem Can

After Fenerbahçe Beko’s Head Coach Igor Kokoskov was mentioned with the Dallas Mavericks, eyes were turned to his replacement. It is said that if Kokoskov leaves, Erdem Can can be put in charge of the team.

Fenerbahçe Beko agreed with Igor Kokoskov as head coach after the departure of legendary coach Obradovic. Fenerbahce, who could not get what they wanted in the past season, decided to go to Igor Kokoskov’s NBA team Dallas Mavericks.

Other candidates are Ufuk Sarıca and Orhun Ene.

According to the information shared by Donatas Urbonas, it was stated that in case of such a separation, assistant coach Erdem Can could be appointed to the head of the team. It was learned that the other candidates were Ufuk Sarıca and Orhun Ene.

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