Wass does not train with the group one day after confirming that he wants to leave Valencia

Daniel Wasshe has not trained this tuesday with him group after manifesting the Valencia medical services nail muscle aches. The player returned to the discipline of the black and white club on Monday and he exercised under the orders of Bordalás in the afternoon session at 7:00 p.m. in the sports city of Paterna. But before that, openly told President Anil Murthy that he wants to leave Valencia. The player participated in the meeting held by his agents with the president and the technical secretary Michelangelo Corona to ask them to accept the offer presented by Olympique de Marseille.

The response received by the footballer from the black and white executives was as forceful as his request: “We are counting on you for the project2020-21 and Bordalás believes that you are going to be important in the team. “Later, they reminded him that youHe had a work session at 7:00 p.m. and there he presented himself the international reluctantly danish, but it was made available to the technician. But nevertheless, It was this Tuesday when the footballer manifested those muscular discomforts, which have forced him to do specific work in the gym.

This situation It is very reminiscent of a recent experience by the club with Kondogbia and President Anil Murthy himself, whom he accused of being a liar through social networks. The Central African midfielder also played four league games and later he stopped training due to muscle discomfort undetermined in full negotiation with the Athletic.

TO Wass has one season left on his contract and with 32 years old, he is seduced by Olympique de Marseille project, chaired by Pablo Longoria, former technical secretary of Valencia. However, he considers that the economic proposal made by the French club, less than one million euros, has not even been classified as an offer. Now it remains to be seen if Valencia he only hopes that Marseille will increase the offer to an amount that he considers acceptable or if, on the contrary, he takes a position of strength with the player.

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