Marcelino: “For losing this game I cannot look for individual culprits”

LThe first defeat of the season came at San Mamés in a rotations game. “We have been below the level of the previous games in all facets of the game. We had problems in the creation, in the progression, in the counterattack and defensively we made two specific errors that cost us a defeat that I do not consider unfair. For losing this one party I cannot look for individual culprits. In no case will I lose confidence in anyone for this party “, explained Marcelino.

The explanation of so many rotations

“We train all the same. We are at the beginning of the season and we want to involve the largest number of players. From that analysis we considered that we should make these changes. Because of the performance they offered when they entered the field and because of how they trained. What’s more, from my point of view of sight one of the problems we had is that the changes we made with the match underway contributed very little compared to other matches. The day was not good and the rival bothered us. The explanation for the defeat is not in the rotations. “

The bad day of the team

“We started by giving each other passes and we lost a very simple ball for entertainment and that goal weighed a lot on us. We adjusted the pressure badly and maybe we got our criteria wrong. Then we started to create, we took a step forward and we were proactive. We had chances, maybe that of Nico to get us 2-1. In the second there were better phases, but little continuity. The rival did not generate us almost nothing, but the errors are paid “.

Puncture the illusion balloon

“To get an idea of ​​what the team is going to be, you have to wait a third of the competition, not five games. We will be a good team when we win these home games repeatedly.. And if you lose them, you won’t be up. We must acquire continuity. This should not weaken us. We had a not good day. I also take this opportunity to thank the fans for what they supported us. “

The highlights of those who were headlines

“There were players at a good level, but I protect everything in the team. And tonight I didn’t like the team because there was no continuity and we weren’t intense. We conceded too much. In no case was it because the line-up was not trained. They have shown me that they are trained and my job is to find solutions. This tells us that we have to work a lot to be regular and win more games. It can even be a humility cure. “


Villalibre finished the match touched

“It has moved very well. He has fought and has generated chances of unchecking and fouls. I am satisfied with what he has done, but sorry that at the end of the game He hit a little prick and may be low for some time. “

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