The Sevilla Super League

Lopetegui’s team continues in the fight for the title after the earthquake of the failed soccer elite championship

ANDl football does not forgive and you had to wait for the performance of the Seville on Valencia to write this column. Or maybe not. Not really. It had been craving before. It was justice. Just at that moment when MARCA told how the Andalusian club turned the key and threw it to the Guadalquivir (to see who is the handsome one who finds something there) to the possibility of playing the already laughing Super league. He said not when not even the man who opened the waters 48 hours ago had made his public appearance. That you have to have them stare for it. Why? Because I didn’t believe in her. Simple. Despite the more than possible invitation to eat a piece of cake one day, which could be the club’s budget for a couple of years. Because there are people who are not yet sold for money (hold your breath). And I’m not talking about its leaders at the individual level, who introduced strangers of doubtful motivation into the club’s shareholders, but about an entity that recognizes the value of its people, its fans (real, and so much!), Of love. that they send and demand in turn, even though they cannot go to their dusty seats. Those who want Sevilla and do not admit interference from anyone in their Sevilla. Because the actions point to the owners, while the shield to all what they feel. And that weighs in the decisions. Surely yes, I know.

It can be difficult to assimilate in the distance. Or you can think of it as a pose for the photo. No matter. The Seville he is what he is today because he has always acted gallantly when the elite slapped and laughed. He was the kid who wasn’t scared at recess. He led and stabbed the excesses of the greats a decade ago, when the television cast was unfair to the point of saying enough. Because what Madrid or Barça generate more is indisputable. We have all seen the photo of the boy with the Madrid jacket and the Barelona pants. Or vice versa. We have a country designed for trenches and the football bar takes the cake. However, no one can be interested in a two-man championship. Let each game be a win. A sovereign pain in the ass. No one would have thought that this season could be opened to four. Or if. Because crises bring these opportunities, even though those who ask for a red carpet to go to the bathroom do not like them. How easy it is to live in opulence, while offering alms and calling yourself in solidarity. And, uh, to sleep with a clear conscience.

Nothing is further from reality. Yes that Super league that has lasted less than Toni Cantó in the lists of the Madrid PP it would have prospered and there would be no more Sevillas. There would be no clubs that tried to reach the top because they would simply be banned from access. Let no one forget that two decades ago the Nervión club amounted to First and he began to put stones in that solid building that today looks close to the great ones. Only with a business idea based on work and opportunity did the titles and finals arrive. The successes. The imaginary joys. The dreams of generations that could not see their wishes fulfilled. An explosion that could be maintained over time because the European competition placed the Seville in a status that in Spain it was forbidden by the impregnable fortress of the greats. A story of how sport rewards those who want it most. And, despite them, people cry so that some are given what is not theirs. Because money, successes, joys and hugs must be earned in life. With work, effort, love or friendship. Nothing rains from the sky. Whatever your name is.

Because Sevilla said NO and you would have to applaud it until your hands hurt. For his bravery and dignity. Despite the fact that everything has been diluted with the cataract of resignations, more typical of a reality show that of a serious idea about the future of a sport that moves millions … of feelings. Because it has not yet been understood that football will never die as long as someone feels the shield that a footballer wears on his chest as his own. Because football is something bigger than a business, as much as everything in life must be paid for with money. And those who try to put the tickets ahead of what it means to identify with a team, the celebration of a goal or the tears for a title that you never dreamed that your team would raise, directly want to live in a farmhouse or beach bar, where everyone Get up and hand over one of the coveted tables. Because I’m in charge here and it’s always been like that. Where’s my red carpet, fool? Well no, this Spanish Super League it still belongs to everyone. And Sevilla have not said their last word. Seen the piece of paper of each one, the meritocracy and a little bit of that always righteous destiny will dictate sentence.

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