Training, training and training again: Marcos Llorente and Deyna Castellanos, examples of super athletes

Both players, the image of Nike, maximize their performance thanks to their healthy lifestyle

ANDhe shortest path to success is work. And this, translated into the world of football, means training body and mind to get the most out of your benefits. Marcos Llorente and Deyna Castellanos, Atlético de Madrid players and image of Nike, are two good examples of this new sporting lineage that could be considered super athletes.

“Without an elite physical capacity it is very difficult to compete at a high level in football today. In my case, I have always taken great care in training, diet and rest. It is something that I have lived at home with my father ( Paco Llorente) and my uncles (Julio, Toñín and Joe Llorente) and that I have incorporated into my day to day life. It is more a way of life that, logically, I measure and adapt even more as a professional footballer “, the footballer explains to MARCA .

Co-owner of a healthy food restaurant

The truth is Marcos’s life has always been healthy and healthy. He fled from sweets as a child and has ended up making his own diet. “Food is a topic that interests me a lot. When you are aware of the importance of what you eat in your life, in your health, in your defenses, you understand everything much better and you enjoy it. I eat everything except ultra-processed cereals and dairy products, and I always prioritize natural and quality foods. I eat two meals a day (lunch and dinner) and in special cases I reduce it to one, “he says.

Marcos confesses that he doesn’t like cooking very much – “but I’m a very good asshole”, he justifies himself with laughter- and his favorite dish is the broken eggs from Naked & Sated, a healthy restaurant that he opened with Ibai Gómez, Chef Bosquet and Marino Cid.

Diet is as important as a good rest. “I’ve always slept well and I don’t need to do anything special to fall asleep,” says who has a smart bed that discards electromagnetic pollution.

A tailor-made workout

But if there is something that characterizes Marcos, it is his physique. He works it to extreme points and knows it to the smallest detail. And it is that after the charges of the Prof Ortega, physical trainer of the club, Llorente crushes himself individually with his personal trainer, Adolfo Madrid, with whom he launched the AM Elite Programs project with which they make their training routines known.

“I love training. When I do not train, even on vacation, I am climbing the walls. There are many hours dedicated to the week, but it is my way of life. I know my body well and adapt the workloads, the type of exercises and what I eat depending on what I need at all times. In addition, I rely on great professionals who help me and teach me, “says the Madrilenian.

Work to be the best in the world

The quality, skill and power of Deyna Castellanos has made the spotlight always point to her figure destined to be one of the great icons of world football in her female version. However, it was during confinement for the COVID-19 pandemic that something changed in his way of watching football.

“When I arrived in Madrid I saw that I needed something more to earn a starting position in the team and I focused on changing my diet and training a lot more,” says the Venezuelan. “Women’s football has evolved a lot in recent years, now everything is much more even and the physical can end up making a difference,” he adds. “Great footballers are also great athletes because their physique ends up marking the level at which they compete. I have always said that I want to be the best player in the world and the way to achieve this is to take maximum care of yourself,” she stresses.

Sushi as a nutritional treat

The Venezuelan, who it is not considered kitchenettes either, bases his diet on “vegetables, chicken, fish and many vegetables. I am not a sacrifice because it is my choice, but I also confess that from time to time I indulge myself eating sushi.”

The influencer (has 2.4 million followers on social media) works in the morning with Atlético’s physical trainer, Saúl Gómez and Iván Díaz, and in the afternoons with a personal trainer. “We train more and more and that is why we have to be well prepared. In my case, I supplement the work with the team with prevention and strengthening tasks to injure myself as little as possible and multiply my benefits,” says Deyna. And it is that, as Luis Aragonés might well say, to win there is no other secret than to train, train and train again.

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